National Leap Year Day

True… a person turning 100 years old today only got to officially celebrate 25 birthdays.  This is also National Frog Legs Day. But, of course! A couple of silly one-liners seem in order. Sooooo…. What do athletes wear on Leap Day? Jumpsuits, of course.  And what do you call a talking kangaroo? Unbe-Leap-able.

In seriousness, early Egyptians had a leap year in their calendar. Early Roman calendars had an entire leap month from time to time to keep in line with astronomy. Julius Caesar pushed for the Roman calendar to have 12 nearly even months and a leap day every 4 years.

Regardless, we all get one extra day this year. So, what shall we do with it? For me, this is a day welcoming a couple of dear friends coming for their first visit with us in the North Carolina mountains.

I’ll close with a cultural tidbit: One ancient Irish tradition allowed women to propose marriage on Leap Day. Allowed. Words like “allowed” feel so incredibly archaic in such a context. Yup. Such “allowances” and rules were definitely created by boys. (Men do not feel threatened by women.)

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