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Destiny of Daring: Never Forget

Available in paperback and digital formats

The highly anticipated conclusion in the Destiny historical fiction trilogy delivers unexpected twists linking the World War I era Armenian saga with a present-day search for ancestors and cultural harmony. In the waning years of the Ottoman Empire, true Armenian family stories deliver a slice of life reflection on the violent and volatile times that required sincere bonds of family and friendship, risk taking, and unfathomable courage to live.

This fast-read historical novel weaves human strength and mercy into the fabric of unspeakable horrors and political terror. “Destiny of Daring… Never Forget” completes the Gulumian story of extraordinary human compassion and the will to survive. As the Armenian saying reveals, “You cannot escape from destiny.”

While reading Books 1 and 2 first is recommended, it is not essential to read Book 3.

Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family

After the harrowing and deeply disturbing, real-life traumas in Book 1 of the “Destiny” trilogy (Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear), Hrant Gulumian’s saga of escape from massacre in the waning years of the Ottoman Empire continues. With his mother and brother, the little boy now traverses the obstacle course of learning yet another new language, growing up in America, re-discovering his creativity, and surviving cultural clashes and economic challenges. Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family reveals the sweetness of family bonds, the necessity of strong faith, and the courageous wisdom of never giving up. Martin invites readers into her family, providing this genuinely up-close experience with a new family in a new world, working hard to build a better life for future generations. This historical fiction chronicles the true story of the author’s Armenian roots. Thankfully leaving the horrific parts of the family history in Book 1, the trilogy continues with a personal glimpse of the trials and tribulations of immigrants from many nations, escaping a nightmare and finding their way in America, a land of hope and opportunity.

Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear

Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear tells a hauntingly true story from the author’s own family. Set in the early and mid-20th Century, the historical fiction links past and present with mystical clarity as her Armenian ancestors struggle to survive extraordinary chaos and violence in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire. Only love and courage can see them through the dark challenges of religious intolerance, political instability, and social injustice.

Though nothing gratuitous, some explicit descriptions and a couple disturbing, though not graphic, violent depictions may be unsuitable for young readers.  As noted by Dr. David Green, retired Chief Medical Officer at Concord Hospital in New Hampshire, “this book should be required reading for all high school students.”

Available in paperback and digital formats beginning August 31, 2021.

Early Review and Testimonial Comments:

“It is beautifully written, the type you can’t put down and that you want to read to the finish hoping it will never end. Being an Armenian, whose father and other relatives escaped the genocide, I was extremely interested in what was written, especially that it was based on truth.”      — Marian Murachanian Major, Past President, American Association of University Women, Clearwater Branch

“The story was so compelling I could hardly put it down… Horrific, but true; sad, but inspiring.”                                         — Nancy Keller, Owner, Boston Polo Publishing Company

“Not all paths are graceful or full of love, but there is a grand strength and determination throughout the family’s history. This is one magnificent journey and written so well, that I was right there next to her, even if just a shadow listening intently. Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. It’s a story I won’t soon forget. This was just a wondrous story of life, love, and determination for survival. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.”                                                                                                                              — Amy Shannon, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“A graceful story about a family who values peace, education, and equality, the historical novel Destiny of Dreams covers a genocide that led to heartbreak, but whose survivors expressed love and perseverance. The book’s style is eloquent, with vibrant language used to illustrate the physical and emotional landscapes of 1915 Armenia.”                                                                                                                                                        –Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Author Cathy Burnham Martin is a master at storytelling, balancing the darker and more disturbing aspects of the story with hope and positivity. The flow of events made the book hard to put down despite the darkest and most difficult moments. The characters were well developed with revealing dialogue, making investing in them, their stories, and their journeys easy and exciting.”                                                         — K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

“Elegantly intertwined journey through time periods intersects in ways both heartbreaking and heartwarming. The characters and culture are rich and warm, in stark contrast to the cold world where they find themselves, a world divided by deep-seated religious beliefs and prejudices. Two stories unified by one spirit, Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear is not simply a story of strife, but it is a beautiful portrayal of faith, inner strength, and dignity.”                                                                                                                          — Indies Today

Destiny of Dreams is a must-read for history lovers. Author Cathy Burnham Martin masterfully incorporates real-life events and people to craft a moving tale that showcases the brutal aspects of war without pulling any punches. The real-life events that inspired this tale provide a sense of depth and authenticity to the narrative, and it leaves a lasting impression long after you’ve put down the book. The characters feel real, making them thoroughly compelling to read.”                                            — Pikasho Deka, Readers’ Favorite

“It was absolutely harrowing to read about it, but also very important because these stories need to continue being told. If you want to know more about the history then I’d recommend you read this book. It’s about a true story, and you just don’t hear enough about the Armenian genocide.”                                                                   — BookFever, Belgium

“It is a book about survival and how to see the light at the end of the tunnel even in the darkest of times. The author, however, focuses as much on the positive aspects as on the negatives. I really liked the writing style of the book as well. The pictures towards the end were just an added bonus that made this story even more heart-touching.”                                                                                                                                                         — Alex the Shadow Girl

“Cathy Burnham Martin has created a novel that sustains the all-important emotional connection in a story that moves between the past and the present. The narration of the characters is natural, convincing, and sticks in your mind.”                                                                                                                                                          — Vincent Dublado, Readers’ Favorite

“While focusing on her own family, she capably weaves historical details and events into the narrative and delves into cultural differences between Turk and the Armenian populations, such as the treatment of women or the roles of arts and education. The journey of the Gulumian family to Russia to the U.S. is fast-paced and richly enhanced by Martin’s depictions.”                                                                                                          — BookLife 

Good Living Skills: Learned from My Mother

Good Living Skills: Learned from my Mother provides a light and loving look at forty favorite lessons we learn growing up. Great life concepts and easily relatable examples inspire reflection, growth, and smiles. This fast read is a perfect way to polish up skills that help make good living as easy as 1-2-3. Available in Paperback & Kindle.

Encouragement: How to Be and Find the Best

Encouragement: How to Be and Find the Best provides positive direction and sincere hope to families, caregivers, leaders, and anyone else striving to achieve goals.  It builds confidence, boosts morale, and delivers easy-to-apply steps to become more encouraging, while promoting why and how to build a support team of Encouragers, worthy ways to survive and thrive in this age of bullying and divisiveness, and important ways encouragement increases personal and professional success.

A Life Lessons fast read, Encouragement comes packed with useful tips and tools to help anyone needing strengthened resolve to overcome discouragement.  Plus two bonus chapters of positive and humorous quotations.

Nance’s Writer’s Thesaurus

The Bimbo Has MORE Brains:  Surviving Political Correctness

This award-winning journalist has had it with fat-shaming and all-shaming, seething sexual assault in the workplace, and people who scream others down because they think differently.  She reveals ways to survive and thrive in this world that demands political correctness… or what she calls political quackiness.

Part memoir and part life lessons, Martin celebrates everyone who stands up to bullies, while she examines political spectacles, and reveals why we are in the New American Revolution.  She empowers the independent spirit in all of us, telling it like it is… from the fact that personal rights carry personal responsibility to today’s rampant racism, divisiveness, and the addiction epidemic plaguing our nation.

Dashing double standards and stomping on stereotypes launched the 2016 hit “The Bimbo Has Brains.”  Readers loudly clamored for more political incorrectness, and Martin delivers!  Call the PC Police, because there are no holds barred.

Lobacious Lobster: Decadently Super Simple Recipes

Finally, lobster goes “lobacious,” which sounds downright sexy!  If merely thinking about lobster… fresh, tender, and juicy, then dipped in melted butter… makes your taste buds sing, then taking your first bite of these recipes will hit the high notes!

Savoring lobster’s decadence need not be relegated to an occasional restaurant outing or visit to a coastal lobster pound.  We can gobble up these crustacean “buggas” very easily in our homes, especially with the ease of finding lobsters and lobster meat in supermarkets or shipped overnight via the Internet.

In our usual style, we now share nearly 200 Super Simple recipes and 100 photos with you now.  Whether you want to pull off a backyard or stovetop clam bake or wow your guests with elegant appetizers, tapas, salads, soups, entrées, baked items, side dishes or desserts, Lobacious Lobster fully focuses on this favorite food.

Whip up classics in your kitchen, like Smooth-As-Silk Lobster Bisque, Out-of-this-World Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, Lobster BLT Salad, Lobster-Double-Stuffed Lobster, Maine Lobster Lasagna, and Lobaciously Lazy Lobster.  You’ll also find fantabulous new treasures, like Crispy Croquettes of Lobster, Lobster Bloody Mary, Cheesy Lobster Biscuits, Super Simple Lobster Amazing Dip, Sassy Seafood Crisp, Scalloped Lobster Stuffies, Lobacious Grilled Cheese, Cannelloni Cape Elizabeth, and so much more.

Easy and awesome… like all our Keep It Super Simple cookbooks!  Naturally, you’ll find our popular “Bonus Info,” including lobster factoids, tips, quotations, and where to find some awesome lobster pounds, markets, and restaurants.  This is available in a full-color 8×8″ paperback, as well as a digital edition.

The Bimbo Has Brains

We’re dashing double standards, stomping on stereotypes, and poking at the politics of LOVE.   This 2017 nonfiction work is a fast, fun read, despite many of the serious, straight-from-the-heart messy mazes that everyone must navigate to not only survive, but thrive in this crazy place called Life.

Both the author’s own Life Lessons and those of many colleagues and friends from over the years illuminate some secrets we can all simply do better, while celebrating successful strategies.   The Bimbo Has Brains also hits hard on cheaters, liars, and other players who create “stresspools” for other people, and she reveals how to avoid them.

Other revelations include ways to score the Intimacy High Five, a Jeff Foxworthy-style twist on “Why You Might Be a Control Freak,” how to turn great expectations into super successes, ways to dial down anger levels, reasons sensual beats sexual, immediately applicable aspects to unconditional love, and giving genuine forgiveness.  This is available in paperback, a digital edition, and as an Audiobook, narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin.

Also, check out the amazing companion book, The Golf Pro Has Heart, written by golf pro John A. Gehrisch.

Cathy wrote the Foreword for his book, which focuses on a secret formula Gehrisch has uncovered to have a happy, loving, long-term relationship.  He also includes plenty of fun golf stories that are pleasing to golfers and non-golfers alike.

Front Cover - B&W edition

A Dangerous Book for Dogs

Eat this book!  Bury it, hide it, or give it to another favorite canine pal, but this full-color edition of “A Dangerous Book for Dogs” should not be allowed to fall into the paws of humans.  Don’t reveal all the goodies that Bandit, a fabulous “Furever” dog, has compiled for your eyes only.  Here it is… the definitive collection of training tips, human behavior modification techniques, and super secrets to happiness… all from his own experiences and those of his buddies.  It’s all here to make your human healthier and happier.  This fast read zooms you to the top and making your humans the best on the block… with improvement ideas to make them better at napping, playing, giving you goodies, and more.

You’ll learn why humans are so dog-gone tough to understand sometimes and how to deal with the “name game.”  The secrets are revealed… no more guessing about how to get the instant belly rub or toy or doors opened and closed on our command.  Also within these scrumptious pages are plenty of delightful stories, illustrating how we dogs are more adept at many skills, such as experiencing changes, being kind and loyal, and loving unconditionally.  Get ready for fun, fur, and frivolous giggles.  Plus Bandit includes four FREE Bonus Treats… “Food & Treat Safety,” “More Secrets to Happiness,” “Great Resources,” and “Careers for Dog Lovers.”  Bandit says you deserve these goodies because you’ve been so good!

Front Cover - Full Color Edition

A Dangerous Book for Dogs

This is the full-color, special edition of the above book.  You’ll get every treat, every tip, every tidbit.  Every photo is included, but this edition features the nearly 150 photographs in full color.  While color printing makes this edition more expensive, true Bandit fans will love having all the pictures of Bandit, Jeeter, and all of Bandit’s other pals, both canine and human, in beautiful color.  The cover photographs differ, but the text in both editions match exactly.  You also get all Bandit’s FREE Bonus Treats.

Miles-Mannered Man

Dog Days in the Life of the Miles-Mannered Man

This collection of tall tales, wagging tails, and tantalizing treats is penned from the paw of one amazing dog… Miles.  Letters to his human away at school evolved into a paws-itively riotous romp that will have every dog fancier howling.  Miles wins hearts with his fantastical, first-hand accounts of Life as it is and always should be.  The Miles-Mannered Man reveals life through the eyes of a dog, complete with his mischievous but gentle manner shining through on every page.  From training the Federal Express delivery personnel to sneaking into a Marriot hotel, the adventures of Miles, a real-life rescued Newfoundland.  A fast, fun read for canine fans, Dog Days in the Life of The Miles-Mannered Man dishes up poignant, utterly relatable observations, hysterical antics, and purely canine philosophies we all can follow.  In addition to the 40+ regular chapters of warm, furry fun with some of his favorite tales, Miles also includes 4 FREE BONUS TREATS in every copy of his paperback… because you’ve been good.  Extra Treat #1 looks at Presidential Pooches and other various pets who have graced our nation’s First Families.  Extra Treat #2 shares the collected stories of a wide variety of famous and heroic dogs.  Extra Treat #3 serves up more than twenty of Miles’ favorite recipes, though he admits his humans prepare them far better than he.  Extra Treat #4 is one of his favorites… Dog Jokes and Quotes with the Miles Paw of Approval.

Of the Same Blood

Of the Same Blood:  Your Eurasian Heritage – My Personal Story

Revealing far more than a typical memoir, this non-fiction gem reveals the strength of human character under tumultuous challenges.  These are true stories of struggle and survival in a family that merged two strong, but diverse cultures, endured extreme challenges, and rose victorious from the ashes.  Marjorie Rowe Gulumian wanted her grandchildren to know their backgrounds.  Her wisdom provides great perspective and offers hope in a world still filled with too much hatred and ignorance.  Now her granddaughter, Cathy Burnham Martin, revives Marjorie’s stories and memories for future generations.  Imagine a mother’s crisis, grabbing the hands of two young boys and running over Mount Ararat to escape the ongoing massacre of Armenians at the hands of marauding Turks.  Grasp being disowned by a family filled with prejudice and misunderstanding right at the start of the Great Depression.  Picture raising three babies in a 3rd floor apartment with no running water.  Cheer as they endure, evolve, and emerge victorious, showing their world with loving motivation.  Of the Same Blood illuminates Marjorie Rowe Gulumian’s beliefs that family comes first and that together we can do anything and be anything we chose.

FrontBookCoverHealthy Thinking Habits

Find out fast what a “Can Do” spirit can do for you and how to make it your own!  Learn how to turn trouble into personal triumph, just as the author did.  Cathy Burnham Martin delivers simple action steps to help you overcome inner conflicts and take back your life!  Initially featured in work along with Deepak Chopra and Billy Blanks, Cathy Burnham Martin’s Healthy Thinking Habits are finally available on their own.  SASS, her acronym for Seven Attitude Skills Simplified, directly impacts our quality of life in a superb way.   Packed with terrific tips and timeless secrets, this breakthrough book empowers readers with keys to get back in control in a crazy world and conquer the struggle for self-worth and confidence.   “Healthy Thinking Habits” is a fast read… serving up the seven skills as vital “P” vitamins to help you power start each day, while becoming your personal best.  Relish the empowerment, planning, perspective, positive actions, persistency, poise, and passion.  She also shares the 10 Confidence Commandments to help you get the most out of your physical strength, initiative, character, knowledge, commitment, steadiness, teamwork, expectation, perseverance, and sportsmanship while becoming your personal best.

The_Ronald_Cover_for_KindleThe Ronald: Daydreams, Wonderments & Other Ponderings

Through personal poetry, pictures, and prose, these pages bring to life some of the author’s favorite memories of her relationship with Ron Martin, a.k.a. The Ronald.  Few people in this world ever get a fantasy glimpse of their life illustrated in such an elegant, eloquent manner.  This intimate journey illustrates playfulness, passions, and places, while reflecting on their many adventures, celebrations, and friends.  Take a fantastical trip with The Ronald, as seen through Cathy’s gleefully rose-colored glasses.   It marks the flip-side, “The Zonald,” which exposes that Zon emerges opposite Zen.  Yet love endures through trials and his inner demons.


Dockside Dining-Round One

Dockside Dining:  Round One

Let’s break out the barbeque!  Dockside Dining delivers dozens of original recipes that make creative dining Super Simple for weekend warriors, die-hard boaters, and backyard grillers.  Developed for those who love life on the waterways, these goodies work for anyone who wants easy cooking.  Many recipes provide make-ahead tips; others are perfect for last-minute preparations.  With more than 170 recipes, whether you are on the boat, dock, or deck, you now have lots of tasty options to take you from breakfast and lunch to Happy Hour and dinner… and beyond.

Dockside Dining-A Second Helping

Dockside Dining: A Second Helping

This book is packed with dozens more great original recipes that are perfect for easy preparations dockside, on a boat, in your back yard, or tailgating.  Volume 1 (Dockside Dining: Round 1) got things started, and Volume 2 (Dockside Dining: A Second Helping) brings additional super ideas for meals and snacking, solo grilling and big get-togethers.  Get one, or get them both… either way you’ll have a great collection of Super Simple recipes to make your deck-side or dockside dining sizzle.

Front CoverDockside Dining:  Back for Thirds

After hits with Dockside Dining “Round One” and “A Second Helping,” this third volume delivers nearly 200 more recipes!  All recipes are designed to make you shine, whether you’re preparing food for two or a crowd… on board, at the dock, on a deck, or in your home kitchen, these tried and true dishes set you up for success while keeping preparations Super Simple.  Following the Keep It Super Simple approach to preparation, nearly 200 more recipes give you tried-and-true dishes that delight.  Must-have appetizers and tapas ideas, yummy brunch fixins’, lazy day lunch hits, scrumptious salads, a wide range of incredible entrees, super sides, and your just desserts abound within the pages of this convenient 5×8” paperback (or full-color digital edition) cookbook.

Front Cover

Fifty Years of Fabulous Family Favorites

Volume 1: Starters, Sippers & Sweets

Volume 1 of “Fifty Years of Fabulous Family Favorites” delivers delicious recipes to serve as appetizers or tapas, beverages, and a variety of desserts and sweet treats.  Most recipes hail from many decades ago, while others were created more recently.  Rev up your taste buds with some 200 family favorite recipes from the author’s immediate family and extended family, with emphasis on keeping it Super Simple.

Front Cover-Vol 2

Fifty Years of Fabulous Family Favorites

Volume 2:  Brunch, Lunch & Entrees

Volume 2 in this 3-volume set brings a wide array of recipes to serve for brunch, lunch, or dinner.  Hailing from the author’s immediate and extended family, recipes date back more than five decades.  Time-tested classics and delicious variations delight your taste buds and add unique twists to your recipe collection.  More than 200 recipes give you Super Simple options for easy, yet creative options to serve from dawn till dark.  The vast majority are Super Simple recipes with short ingredient lists and easy preparation. Enjoy yummy recipes for a quiet breakfast or brunch for a crowd, light lunches or buffets, and entrees from vegetables, pasta, and seafood to poultry, beef, pork, and more.

Volume 3

Fifty Years of Fabulous Family Favorites

Volume 3: Sides, Soup, Salad, Snacks, Etc

Volume 3 rounds out the “Fifty Years of Fabulous Family Favorites” collection with a wide array of vegetables and other side dishes, plus scrumptious soups, salads, sauces, snacks, baked items, and more.  This collection completes the 3-part series with 200 recipes from the author’s immediate and extended family.  We selected these favorite recipes for their time-tested success and easy preparation, making them perfect for our goal to Keep It Super Simple.

Cranberry Cooking

Cranberry Cooking

The Keep It Super Simple kitchens celebrate the zesty vitality in this crunchy, little, historic fruit with dozens of delightfully delicious, hand-selected recipes.  Whether you want to put some pizazz in a superb appetizer, pack the “pow” in brunch or breakfast, zest up a refreshing beverage, or nestle them into a tangy pie or other sumptuous dessert, “yum” comes to mind with these seasonal beauties.  Cranberry Cooking serves up over 100 scrumptious and super simple cranberry recipes in this edition of the Keep It Super Simple Super Series.


Champagne! Facts, Fizz, Food & Fun

Pop some sensational sparkle into your celebrations with FACTS that turn champagne secrets into super simple tips to make you shine.  Add some FIZZ with dozens of sparkling beverage ABCs… amazing bubbly concoctions to whet your whistle with style.  Serve up FOOD with dozens of yummy recipes that are perfect to serve with champagne for occasions from brunch to holiday parties.  You’ll find recipes for delightful dips, fabulous fruits, sensational seafood, mouthwatering meats and much more!  Finish it all off with lots of FUN via champagne quotes that range from historical to hysterical.  Plus enjoy plenty of decadent and delicious champagne pairings.

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