No More!

There is no decent nor acceptable rationalization or justification for terrorism. Period.

Such acts are cowardly efforts to inflict pain and suffering among innocent people who are not responsible for the perpetrators’ anger, issues, or complaints. And yet, these are the deliberately inhumane actions of radical groups who are angry because negotiations failed to get them what they wanted.

Unlike when the Ottoman attempted to annihilate the Armenians or the Nazis tried to obliterate the Jews, we now have social media, so all filters are removed. Cell phone videos reveal sickening images and videos coming out of Israel that reveal a complete lack of human decency, to say the very least. And yet, as appalled as most people are after observing or learning of the multitude of heinous Hamas crimes against families, women, and children in Israel, I still found myself wanting to understand how so many otherwise seemingly sane people in the United States could possibly be attending rallies and cheering for Hamas.

History and society often clash, but it helped my perspective to read one particular article. This is the link to “Israel and Palestine: Where Should History Begin and Should It Matter.”

Most Read of 2021: “Israel” and “Palestine”: Where Should History Begin, and Should it Matter?

And yet, I still contend that it is nothing less than viscious for any leadership to encourage terrorism and utterly barbaric behavior against innocent people. We humans are desperately slow to evolve.

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