Adoption Update

Because November is National Adoption Month, I thought you might enjoy a little adoption update. Back on June 10th, I posted about our friends Rick and Claire Johnson watching over two tiny, twin fawns that had been orphaned when their mom was struck by a vehicle on the road near our ranch. Keeping them safe from predators at night in a stall in our barn, but opening the door during the day, the struggle was on to help them stay alive while awaiting space with a wildlife rescue service. Thankfully, after just a couple of days, a doe in a herd of deer on the property appeared to have lost her own fawn, and she sniffed out the babies and chose to adopt them, nuzzling them to join the herd and slip into the woods.

It’s fun to report that the fawns are growing up gracefully! We see them once or twice a day, romping about the pastures, still very much under Mom’s watchful eye. They can now even bound beautifully over our horse fencing… with a bit of a running start! But they mostly just prance and play.

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