Best Steaks in New Hampshire

Buckley's Kansas City Rib-Eye Steak

Buckley’s Kansas City Rib-Eye Steak

We enjoy great steaks, especially rib-eyes, and Buckley’s consistently delivers the best in New Hampshire.  At our dinner party the other night, most of us couldn’t resist the Kansas City Rib-Eye special of the night.  The steaks had been rubbed with dry BBQ seasonings and grilled to tasty perfection!  They were served with parmesan new potatoes and garlic green beans.

My husband and one other guest “oohed and ahhed” over the night’s swordfish special.  The hearty steaks were thick, juicy and cooked just right!

Wedge lettuce fans should note that Buckley’s wedge is a beauty.  The iceberg lettuce is sprinkled liberally with tomatoes, bacon, and some red onion.  You choose bleu cheese or cherry pepper ranch dressing.

We also heartily recommend the onion rings.  They may not be “THE” best in the state, but they come close.  These are great for panko fans.  The rings are thick-cut, panko-encrusted, flash-fried, and disappear right before your eyes.  With 8 in our group, two large-sized baskets vanished easily.

We also love their house-made chips and dipping sauce… and the fried orange sesame tenderloin tips are uniquely delicious.

Buckley’s wait staff is well-trained and highly attentive.  Our favorite is Constantina (Connie).  She’s super.

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