Commonwealth Day in Canada

Annually, the 2nd of March commemorates the Commonwealth of Nations as a show of solidarity and a time to renew vows of international cooperation. Originally called Empire Day, as a nod to the British Empire, this is noted as a time to address global issues of the 2 billion-plus people who constitute the nations of former British colonies.


Though Canada celebrates this day, and the U.S. does not, I will take this day to celebrate all my Canadian friends.  En route to their winter escape in Florida, Beverly and Jeremy Moody, a couple of our dearest friends from the Toronto area joined us for a brief visit.



One highlight was touring the famed Biltmore in Asheville, NC. Such fun we had in our time together, sharing memories, catching up on family happenings, bemoaning our nations’ political meanderings, and celebrating being alive.

Enjoy Commonwealth Day!

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