“Destiny of Dreams” Cover Completed

     Very exciting to see the cover is now completed for Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear.  While I had loved seeing my grandmother’s photograph of a part of the city of Van in Armenia, such personal mementos would likely hold little meaning to a typical reader.  So, the old 1915 photo is now on the back cover.

Of course, Hubby was sad that it replaced the photo of Yours Truly.  I assured him that my smiling puss brings nothing to the story and would not be missed.

Further, the working draft cover was quite plain, which was rightly noted by one advance reviewer. The cover now presents a depiction of the Armenian flag, which is appropriate for this utterly Armenian event. I love the deep, dark tones, too, because they aptly set the stage for what is a very intense and foreboding, albeit true story.


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