Fly, Baby! Fly!


For National Bird Day, I thought we’d consider some favorites. I have always loved the long plumes of the peacock. (And, as a child trying to snag one of the loose and dangling tail feathers, I got scolded by attendants more than once for chasing the peacocks at the York Wild Animal Kingdom in Maine.)



As an adult, I love the songs of the mockingbird. We have some amazingly talented ones at our home in the North Carolina mountains. They can trill on and on for up to an hour, with seemingly no repeats. (I was sorely disappointed when I returned to Lake Winnipesaukee last summer to find the mockingbirds favoring the calls of the crows and seagulls.)


The hummingbirds, goldfinch, and cardinals are all lovely.






But I feel especially blessed by the plethora of bluebirds around our ranch. They are gorgeous.





Then there are the big birds… and we have plenty of hawks, owls, great blue heron, and even the occasional eagle.

They all make me so happy I could chirp!

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