Happy 80th Birthday David Zamichow!

Anyone in New Hampshire in the mid-1980s may well remember local television exploding into a new era. New York television advertising executive, David Zamichow arrived as WMUR-TV’s new general manager in 1983. Smart, determined, and as visionary as they come, he then began orchestrating Channel 9’s transformation as skillfully as the finest symphony’s conductor. WMUR grew from a station that often had ABC wishing the network could disassociate completely into a station they touted as an example for all affiliates to follow.

David Zamichow launched many young careers into journalism and beyond, encouraged staff to be their best, and involved the station in many charitable and cultural endeavors. He sent teams to cover major events from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA, covering Presidents and Popes… and internationally, from the Panama Canal to the opening of the Berlin Wall and the Superpower Summit in Moscow. His tenacity and team leadership developed programming that lifted WMUR from 4th to 1st place in New Hampshire over the bigger Boston market stations.

Named 1988’s Broadcaster of the Year, David Zamichow led Channel 9 into a solid first-place NH viewership that soon topped all Boston stations’ combined viewership in the Granite State, and ultimately into 3rd place in Boston itself, previously unheard of from an “out-of-town” station. After a decade in New Hampshire, he then charged full steam ahead for the next 2 decades transforming Toledo, Ohio’s WTVG to similar success.

David Zamichow was both the toughest and finest boss I ever had. He made miracles out of a minuscule budget. He knew management, sales, production, engineering, and news. He could challenge us to the point of great exasperation, although I am certain that we caused him far more fathoms of infuriating frustration than we can imagine. But he believed in us, our team, and our potential. Unlike most managers, he could also lift us to be the very best we could be. Sure, he made us work CRAZY hard, but he also helped us sparkle and shine. He often shouldered the blame for big messes and gave us all the credit for super successes. David Zamichow has a heart of gold.

Few people positively touch so many lives so profoundly. We will never forget. Thank you. Bless you.


Happiest 80th Birthday wishes from us all to you, David Zamichow!


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