International Civility Awareness Month

The designation is meant to raise awareness of the decline of civility around the world. Hmmm…. Who among us was thinking, as a society, we’re not dealing with declining civility?

(Photo by John Hain)


A website called suggests a 31-day civility challenge. It features one suggestion for each day, such as:

Say hello to 5 people today.

Make eye contact.

Be courteous.

Make and take personal calls in private.

Turn off your phone during meetings.

Don’t litter.

Don’t interrupt others.

Avoid profanity.

Clean up after yourself.

Hold the door open for others.

Leave a fair tip when dining out.

Close your mouth when chewing and use a napkin.

Keep your work area clean.

Be patient with others.

Include others in conversations.

Smile often at others.

Remember to say “please” and “thank-you.”

Monitor the volume of your ipod, music, or video games around others.

Treat others with kindness.

Try to remember people’s names.

Share the sidewalk. Share the road.

Replace empty toilet paper rolls, paper towels, and trash liners.

Be proud of your appearance and dress nicely.

Be social.

Introduce yourself to others in social situations.

Introduce those around you.

Offer constructive feedback in the form of a compliment sandwich.

Make sure to always use a positive tone.


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