International Rock Day

Three of the world’s major rock groups are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Oops! I just know you thought I was going to say the Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin.


(In an interesting twist, July 13th is also “World Rock Day” which does celebrate rock music. The date was selected in reference to the request made by Phil Collins at the July 13, 1985, Live Aid concert to raise funds for fighting famine in Ethiopia.)

But International Rock Day is recognizing that the Earth’s outer layer is made of rock. Whether you are talking about quartz, feldspar, or biotite minerals, rocks have been vital to human civilization ever since they became tools during the Stone Age.


Recognize rocks today. Paint a rock. Climb a rock. Or talk to your pet rock. (Okayyyy… please don’t “stone” me for that one.)

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