National Almond Day

Celebrate National Almond Day with the timeless Almond Joy candy bar. Or a snifter with some Amaretto. (Or perhaps both.)

Today I will share my recipe for Everything Bagel-Seasoned Almonds. This delicious snack delight is Super Simple to make and irresistibly impossible to stop eating (sorry). If making Everything Bagel Seasoning, feel free to adjust the portions to suit your personal tastes! Oh, yes… this works with other sweet or savory seasoning combos, too!

4 c whole almonds
1 lg or x-lg egg white, beaten well till very frothy
Super Simple Everything Bagel Seasoning (recipe follows)

In a bowl, toss almonds with the egg whites. Sprinkle with seasoning and stir; repeat. Spread in single layer on olive oil sprayed, foil-lined 10×15: sided baking pan. Roast 45 min at 250°F, stirring every 15 min. Let cool in the pan. (Any “connected” Nuts will break apart easily then.) Store airtight at room temperature.  Makes 4 cups.

Super Simple Everything Bagel Seasoning  

3 T each: white & black sesame seeds
2 T each: dried minced onion & sea salt flakes
1½ T poppy seeds
½ T dried minced garlic

Combine & store airtight at room temperature. Makes ¾ cup. Serve sprinkled on cream cheese on any bagel, on hard-boiled eggs or sliced avocado, atop salads, soups, or a buttery, toasted English muffin, or sprinkled inside a grilled cheese sandwich.

KISS Tips: I prefer the minced onion toasted, which happens during the roasting. If you won’t be “baking” the item on which you use the seasoning, try substituting HALF the onion amount with dried onion soup mix… which is what I use in making onion bagels, anyway. For a yummy, flaked sea salt, try any of the gourmet varieties available today from pepper berry to smoked. I have a personal fondness for the naturally pink Murray River salt flakes from Australia.

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