National Blueberry Pie Day

My mother made the best blueberry pies EVER! Her homemade piecrusts turned out light, flaky, and perfect every time. Her blueberries with those madly marvelous small-sized wild berries that we all dutifully picked each year and then froze for incredible edible enjoyment for the rest of the year. She never added too much sugar either, just enough to bring out the bountiful berry juices. If I want to slide into Memory Lane euphoria, I can simply remember savoring a scintillating slice of Mom’s blueberry pie, still warm from the oven and usually adorned with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I admit that I never developed the patience to deliver her consistently perfect piecrusts. And I no longer make the annual pilgrimage to pick the bountiful northern New England berries. Further, Mom is enjoying her well-earned retirement, although she regularly delights her friends and family with some of our favorite goodies.

On this National Blueberry Pie Day 2023, I will share with you my 1980 recipe for a pie that combines strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. See, we’re on the right track! Make it now or tuck this recipe away for a perfect summer’s day delight.


Super Simple Red, White & Blueberry Pie
(We now know this as a classic at Café Martin.)

4 lbs strawberries, washed & hulled (8 heaping cups total):
4 heaping cups sliced (these should be fresh berries), halved if small berries
4 heaping cups sliced berries (can be frozen), then mashed into 2 heaping cups mashed
16 small, attractive berries for garnishing (8 on each pie)
1/3 c sugar (or fave substitute, such as coconut sugar or monkfruit)
4 T cornstarch
2 T lemon, lime or orange juice (or combination)
¼ c cranberry juice
red food coloring, if desired
2 T butter
2 c fresh blueberries
2 prepared pie shells (store-bought shortbread cookie crust or regular baked & cooled)
Fresh (or canned) whipped cream, and plenty of it

In large saucepan, mix mashed strawberries with sugar, cornstarch & juices.  Cook over low heat, stirring until thickened & transparent.  Add a few drops of red food coloring, if desired.  Stir in butter, till melted.  Add the sliced/halved strawberries & the blueberries (saving some blueberries for garnish), stirring to coat with glaze.  Pour into shells, pressing to fill air pockets.  Chill thoroughly (at least 3-4 hours, or overnight).  At serving time, top with whipped cream; garnish with small, whole strawberries & the reserved blueberries.  Makes 2 pies.

KISS Note:  I have no idea what to do with leftovers. There have never been any.

Go for full-sized pies or mini tarts. Add currents, raspberries, blackberries, and even fresh mint leaves to your toppings, if desired. Or go extra Super Simple and serve the filling and topping over split hot biscuits as Red, White & Blueberry Shortcake!

Yes, this is one of many recipes in one of the first cookbooks I first published in 2007. The paperback and digital editions of “Fifty Years of Fabulous Family Favorites: Starters, Sippers, & Sweets” remains popular on Amazon and other sites.

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