National Gingerbread Decorating Day


Perhaps you enjoy making, seeing, or eating decorated gingerbread houses or cookies. Dad and Mom taught my sister and me to love decorating (and eating) spicy, chewy gingerbread cookies, both large and small.


Huseyin Isguzar with George, the baker, and Baker Bob aka Dad (2017)




Before he passed, Dad was great friends with Huseyin Isguzar, the Chief Culinary Officer at my folks’ retirement community in Florida. He and Dad, dressed in the Baker Bob apron that I made for him, along with a dashing hair net… so enjoyed baking in the kitchen together.

In addition to hanging Dad’s photo in the bakery, Huseyin continues Baker Bob’s tradition, with hundreds of gingerbread boys each year and a tribute to Dad as the centerpiece.






Annually, Mom leads an enthusiastic team of volunteers to decorate all the delightful and highly prized cookies.

For the 2022 Annual Friends and Family Christmas party, Huseyin and his team worked tirelessly to present an enormously festive and fabulous appetizer and dessert buffet for hundreds of happy attendees. The dining room looked as if St. Mark Village had turned into a 5-star cruise ship! Dad’s photo and the 750 gingerbread boys, decorated by Mom and her culinary crew of volunteers, make a meaningful centerpiece for all who knew and loved Dad.

Decorate your gingerbreads. Make lovely, lasting memories.

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