National Hammock Day

Sigh. Just imagine drifting off to blissful sleep while swaying gently in a hammock between a couple of shade trees. “They” say that we can fall asleep more quickly in a hammock, while also enjoying better quality sleep and improved blood circulation. Hammocks also ease muscle aches and provide great stress relief.

Hammocks were originally woven by Mayans from the Hamack tree, native to Latin America. While Christopher Columbus most certainly did not discover America, he did introduce the hammock to Europe in the 15th century.

While I have not (yet) personally located it, “they” say the world’s largest hammock is in North Carolina, spanning 42 feet and woven from 10,000 feet of rope! Bring lots of friends, because it can hold 8,000 lbs. While that could be fun, the other hammock oddity I learned about sounds anything BUT restful to me. That would be the world’s highest hammock. Strung up over a canyon in Utah, it sways a cool 492 feet high. (No, thank you.)

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