National Hat Day

Observed since 1983, National Hat Day commemorates the day in 1797 when the first Top Hat made its appearance in court, inspiring the judge to proclaim the rather prominent hat disturbed the public. That did not dampen the hat’s popularity. Even baseball umpires wore top hats in the 1800s.




Originally designed for women, fedoras later became strictly a man’s hat, but today they are  not gender specific.




So, what hats have you donned? In 1960, I wore the first of many graduation caps as I graduated from kindergarten.





And since posting “crowns” grew popular during Miss America week, here’s a pic from the night I became Miss New Hampshire back in 1975.




During my years at WMUR-TV, hats became the order of the day for special appearance… as when co-anchor Tom Griffith and I attended a Great Gatsby charity gala in 1989 (perfectly dressed by June Pastman of “Junz” for the occasion).




Baseball caps are a very All-American hat. Hubby and I knew we were at odds when Sir Ronald’s was the Yankees, his youngest son Adam’s was the Mets, and mine represented the Red Sox… and we were attending a Patriots football game.



Of course, we also wear hats for sun protection and when we travel.



Hats were the order of the day during certain community service activities, too, like grilling hot dogs and burgers for the Kiwanis Fish with a Child event.




And we do enjoy Halloween and costume parties, as when attending events like a Pirate Party





Naturally, theatrical productions provided the most moments for marvelous millinery, from playing Morgan Le Fey in Stage One Productions’ “Camelot”





… and the New London Barn’s “Man Who Came to Dinner”





…to a favorite Palace Theatre production of “The Wizard of Oz” where I played one of my favorite characters… the original WWW.

From fascinators to football helmets, it’s hats off to all hats today!

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