National If Pets Had Thumbs Day!

If our furry, 4-legged friends had thumbs, I think they could paws-itively give us a run for our money when it comes to many skills we may presume are out of their range. They would change the TV channel to “Animal Planet” or “Woof World.” They could hold their water dish or reach for a goblet instead. They might choose to play the piano or the guitar. They could snap a selfie, send you a text message (with a few typos, of course), or speed dial the ASPCA if we held out on treats. I’m barking to the choir here… they’d simply open the box and take out their own treats.

Just imagine the purrrrfectly amazing new tricks they could do. They could hitch a ride, play poker, and thumb wrestle to see whose turn it was to walk the human.

Our Newfie (Miles) tried to write letters to his human while she was away at school. That lack of thumbs thing was troublesome, until he convinced me to hold the pencil for him. Then, of course, he could simply dictate.  He did this so often that his letters evolved into chapters, and he published his first book. This is true.  “Dog Days in the Life of the “Miles-Mannered Man” by Miles Martin is a collection of tall tales, wagging tales, and tantalizing treats.


A must-read for all dog fans, the “Miles-Mannered Man” dishes up “bone-i-fied” servings of poignant, relatable observations, hysterical antics, and purely canine philosophies we all can follow. Miles captures hearts with his first-paw accounts of Life as it is and always should be.

In digital and paperback formats, his book digs up 40 chapters of warm, furry fun. Plus, Miles insisted on including 4 free bonuses in every book. (He says that you deserve these treats because you’ve been good.)

For the month of March, the paperback (ISBN 978-0977071135) is marked down by $7 to $12.99. The $5.99 ebook on Amazon (ASIN B00MR3I4NI) is just $2.99 all of March.  So, fetch a copy for the pet fan you love in celebration of National If Pets Had Thumb Day… and just think of the paws-sibilities. (More book titles and audiobooks can be found on my website

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Author of 20+ books, and counting! A professional voice-over artist, dedicated foodie, and lifelong corporate communications geek, Cathy Burnham Martin has enjoyed a highly eclectic career, ranging from the arts and journalism to finance, telecommunications, and publishing. Along with her husband, Ron Martin, she has passions for entertaining, gardening, volunteering, active and visual arts, GREAT food, and traveling. Cathy often says, "I believe that we all should live with as much contagious enthusiasm as possible... Whether we're with friends or family, taking people along for the ride is more than half the fun."
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