National Italian Food Day


We celebrate National Italian Food Day every year on February 13th.





So, perhaps you’ll want a nice Bolognese pasta, because Ragu alle Bolognese is Italy’s national food, made with meat, tomatoes, and tagliatelle pasta.




But the most popular food in Italy is pizza. In 1889, when Queen Margherita of Savoy visited the city of Naples, the now famous pizza Margherita was born.




Representing the colors of the Italian flag, it features tomato sauce, hefty chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves.




(Okay, I admit that before I toss one on the grill, I tend to add some pepperoni.)




On one of our Italian cruises with friends Dr. Jeremy and Beverly Moody, Sir Ronald and Dr. J learned to toss pizza dough. Glad we were on the top deck, as Sir Ronald was shooting for the moon!



We have also enjoyed pizza Margherita at Campiello’s on 3rd Avenue in Naples, FL. They cut the basil in strips and add shredded Parmesan. But, ahhhhh, it’s a treat to enjoy with a glass of wine at an outside table on National Italian Food Day or any other!

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