National Pork Rind Appreciation Day

Because this is Superbowl Sunday, it’s also National Pork Rind Appreciation Day.

Woah! What!??! “Pork rinds” is the culinary way to say pork skin that’s rendered in fat or baked or roasted to create pork cracklings (aka “scratchings”).

View them as a snack or side dish, they’ve gained great popularity in recent years for anyone seeking high-protein, low-carb foods. A regular ½ oz serving contains 5-7 grams protein, 4.4 grams fat, 77 calories, and 0 carbs. The argument ensues when we talk “fat.” Saturated fat is very bad. However, monosaturated fat (as in olive oil) is considered healthy. WebMD tells us that pork rinds are high in both saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat and cholesterol can raise those “bad” LDL cholesterol levels, which we do not want.

That half-ounce serving of pork rinds contains 15 mg of cholesterol. However, 2/3 of the fat grams are monounsaturated. The best nutrition tidbit regarding pork rinds comes from the protein. Their collagen protein aids the body’s cellular communication, immune response, and tissue repair process.

Flavors range from plain and salted to BBQ, sea salt & black pepper, etc., etc., etc.

Their zero carbs make crumbled pork rinds a popular choice for a panko-style coating for chicken or fish before cooking. Or you can crumble them atop salads, mac & cheese, or soups. Or just munch them straight out of the bag. All in moderation, of course!

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