November Is National Pepper Month


We are blessed to have luscious peppers available to us throughout the year. We often may think of sautéing peppers and onions to add to a sandwich… or stuffing whole peppers as an entrée.



But I made a fun twist on the stuffed pepper thinking as part of our Brunch Bites menu on Thanksgiving. Some fresh berries and chunks of fresh pineapple and a sweet roll twist on the side, made this quite a nice treat. Plus, land one or two of these beauties inside a toasty bagel or a favorite baguette or roll with your choice of spread, and you’ve got one gem of a breakfast sandwich. (Well, I’d be adding cheese and a couple slices of bacon, most assuredly.) Anyway, here’s my full recipe, which started by stuffing tomatoes, but I did the sweet bell pepper version for Turkey Day.
Skillet Stuffed Egg Rings
These are Super Simple and “eggseptionally” yummy!

1 large tomato, cut crosswise into ½“-thick slices
2 lg or x-lg eggs
1 T chopped parsley
¼ tsp salt & pepper
½ c diced ham, bacon bits, or cooked sausage crumbles
1 T flour
2 T olive oil

Use a glass, biscuit cutter or knife to cut out the insides of the tomatoes, leaving a ½ “ outer rim. Then dice the tomato insides. In small bowl, whisk eggs; stir in chopped tomatoes, herbs, seasonings, meat and flour. Heat oil in large skillet over med heat. Place tomato rings in pan and fill with egg mixture. Cook 1 min; turn over with spatula & cook another 30-60 seconds. Serve hot, sprinkled with additional herbs, if desired. Makes 4 slices.
KISS Variations: Enjoy Italian Skillet Stuffed Egg Rings by replacing parsley with oregano or mixed Italian herbs; replace meat options with diced pancetta, and sprinkle with ½ c shredded Mozzarella cheese (divided among all 4) after turning rings over to cook final side. Garnish with extra chopped Italian herbs or parsley. Try South of the Border Stuffed Egg Rings by replacing parsley with cilantro or a favorite taco seasoning; add ¼ c diced avocado; replace meat with diced chorizo sausage; add ½ c shredded Monterey Jack or Pepperjack cheese either to the eggs or sprinkled on top after turning in the skillet. For Super Simple Omelet Stuffed Pepper Rings, cut 2 large sweet peppers (any color) into ½“thick rings, removing any attached seeds. Season 1 lb ground meat (beef, sausage, lamb, poultry, or combo) as above to suit any “theme” or desired flavor; mix in 1 lightly beaten egg and 1 c shredded Jack, Mozzarella, or other melty cheese or your choice. Press the stuffing into each ring, pressing down firmly and filling the pepper rings completely, remembering that meat will shrink when cooking). These rings also make great tapas servings, with some chunky salsa, warmed marinara, a sweet Thai chili, or other sauce on the side.

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