Powerful, Heart Wrenching & Raw

Destiny of Daring: Never Forget has been blessed with another wonderful 5-star review! This comes from Mr. N at N.N. Light’s Book Heaven.

“This is the book that was needed to complete the story of this Armenian family’s past, present and future. Another important book that puts light on one of the most forgotten genocides of the 20th century. The world needs to stand up and demand Turkey once and for all admits their crimes against Armenia in World War One.

“This story fills in the last part that was missing. The story of Cassie’s other relatives who survived and managed to get through their own horrific stories. If this was a fictional book, it might seem unbelievable. That this is a true story simply makes Emine and Toros story amazing.

“While this book isn’t as long as the first two, it carries a large weight with it. Many in this decade of this century will not believe that just over 100 years ago there were actual alleged humans who had harems. The despicable nature of the behavior of Turks in 1915 is offensive to the core.

“The book is a well written piece that brings the story together. It is important that a person reads all three books. This book is important enough to read on its own first. Powerful, heart wrenching and raw…this book brings a dark page of history to light. A very well-done book as part of a very well-done series.

My Rating: 5 stars




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