Resolution Time

More plotting, planning, and well-intentioned promises are made at the end of December than during any other time of the year. And the number one New Year’s Resolution comes as no surprise.

Diet. Yup. We vow to lose weight, get in better shape, and live healthier lives. Wellllll, on one hand, I agree with that. On the other hand, I can accept that I am in shape, because round is a shape.

Whatever we may or may not resolve, let’s check in and see how we’re doing on February 1st. 😊

“Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet.”

— Dan Bennett

American comedian & juggler

About Cathy Burnham Martin

Author of 20+ books, and counting! A professional voice-over artist, dedicated foodie, and lifelong corporate communications geek, Cathy Burnham Martin has enjoyed a highly eclectic career, ranging from the arts and journalism to finance, telecommunications, and publishing. Along with her husband, Ron Martin, she has passions for entertaining, gardening, volunteering, active and visual arts, GREAT food, and traveling. Cathy often says, "I believe that we all should live with as much contagious enthusiasm as possible... Whether we're with friends or family, taking people along for the ride is more than half the fun."
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