Ron Howard and Racine

Racine Fois Gras

Racine Fois Gras

Hmmm… a month ago in the blog, I got talking about seeing Ron Howard at Racine in London and totally forgot to share our beautiful evening of food with you.  For this French dining experience, I started with Seared Foie Gras while The Ronald (my husband, not Ron Howard) opted for an Heirloom Tomato Salad with Crème Fraiche.  He also had medium rare Sliced Leg of Lamb for an entrée, while I relished my pair of perfected Roasted Quail.


Just go there.  The service, atmosphere and food are wonderful and truly French.  Besides, Brompton Street provides a pleasant walking atmosphere, plus another strong cultural dimension, specifically Lebanese.


Reflecting back, after Ron Howard’s departure from the restaurant with his companions, we chatted with our waiter.  He’d had no idea who he had just been serving at the table beside us.  Someone had tipped him off, so he went to Google it.  He was young, but he remembered “Happy Days” reruns in France, where he’d grown up.


We told him of the directing prowess of this former child star and even sang songs from “Music Man.”  Hey, wait staff deserve some silly entertainment from time to time.  We all had a lot of laughs.


Apologies to Ron Howard.  We tried to protect your privacy while you were dining, but we still wanted to do right by your well-earned positive reputation.  Restaurants love knowing stars dine in their establishments, especially when they are truly first class acts!


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