Shame Shame Shame — Shame of Fools

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry closed out 2013 providing the year’s easiest addition to the “Gripes of Cath.”  She lessened respect for herself, political commentators, her fellow MSNBC staff members, and other journalists.


While I have come to expect low humor from comedians and actors, I do not expect such from someone who purports to be a serious commentator and newswoman.  As others have learned, commentators should stick to political commentary and avoid pretending to have any sort of objectivity.


In my opinion, Harris-Perry’s obvious and snidely-expressed political bias diminishes her credibility as a political science professor.  Unless a student has already decided to be a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, they would surely strain to respect Harris-Perry’s views.


I respect her emotional apology.  That showed guts.  However, I can’t help but wonder if it might have had a lot to do with preventing the possible loss of her MSNBC job or repairing the warped stature she created for herself as a laudable opinion-molder.


As a political independent since the early 1970’s, I admit to being no fan of politics.  However, Harris-Perry and her giggling gaggle spewed worse garbage than some conservative commentators, of whom so many liberals delight in poking with criticism.  Tasteless.  Ignorant.  Strongly biased.


Lacking sense, these thoughtless comments not only revealed how out-of-touch some folks are regarding Mitt Romney, but they also revealed a seeming disdain for decent human values and the very color blindness they would like people to think that liberals alone advocate.  Embarrassing for us all.


They can now tweet, email, and offer heartfelt apologies all they like.  I respect Romney and his family for having the class to so graciously accept Harris-Perry’s apology.  From where I stand, she should never use the word journalist or newsperson in association with her name.  Ever.  As a political science professor, she most assuredly should know better.  Period.

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