Summer Fortitude

‘Tis the season when the days stretch mercifully slowly into night.  Summer Solstice means our daylight hours will start to grow shorter, but the sun’s warmth now gets deeper.  Summer fun rules supreme… or, at least, it should!

Fort Mountainview

Fort Mountainview

Where my hubby and I go boating, some kids built a makeshift “fort” at the base of some trees.  I well remember the importance of these less-than-bountiful barricades.  We plotted our childhood strategies there.  We hid from parents.  We laughed a lot.  We believed we were invincible.  We had Fortitude… ha ha!

Without such dalliances and daydreams, summer’s sizzle fades fast.  That’s true for us as adults, too.  From our years of maturity we build our inner defenses against the stresses and stressors abounding around us.  We don’t likely build too many forts from fallen tree branches, but we definitely do so with all the branches our individual Trees of Life afford us.

That’s how Ariel - Kiss - borderedTM (Keep It Super Simple) developed.  Enough complications fly at us in our day-to-day lives.  How great we feel when we figure out all the ways we can simplify life.

The barbeque grills surely helps us keep it super simple.  But don’t just grill your main course.  Consider your bread.  Whether you bake it or buy it, now try it grilled

Everything Sourdough

Everything Sourdough


1 loaf unsliced bread (baked or bought)

½ c melted butter

Thinly slice the bread.   Brush one side of each slice with butter.  Reassemble the loaf and wrap securely in a double layer of foil.  (You can easily make this ahead to this point.  Store at room temperature or refrigerate until 30 minutes before grilling time.)

Place over indirect heat in a covered barbeque grill for 10-15 minutes, turning once.

(You could also bake it in a traditional or convection oven on moderate heat.)

Expect no leftovers.

Loafin' Everything Sourdough, ready to wrap & grill!

Loafin’ Everything Sourdough, ready to wrap & grill!

Kiss Lips croppedKISS Variations:  Mix a dried soup mix of your choice (such as herb or onion) in with the butter.  You can also sprinkle each bread slice with grated Parmesan or Romano or other cheese before assembling.

Kiss Lips croppedKISS Tip:  My favorite bread for this is Everything Sourdough.  The texture is hearty and the crust includes all the yummy seeds and seasonings of an “everything bagel.”  Other awesome breads for this include anything with savory twists, herbs, seeds, or onions.

Check out the other articles to see some great ideas, tips, and FREE Super Simple recipes.  Our recipes are exclusively published by Quiet Thunder Publishing on whose website you can find a number of Super Simple cookbooks… all sold in various places from Barnes & Noble to  Make it easy.  Take it easy.  Remember to play… especially in these easy, breezy days of summer …with love and laughter!

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