Twisted Tiramisu Treat

  In our continuing quest to share easy tips and suggestions to make Good Living as easy as 1-2-3, we’ve got another great recipe for you.  This one was tested out on friends and family on Thanksgiving and got unanimously rave reviews.  In addition to the array of warm, fresh pies, we wanted to offer something that didn’t require a guest to commit to a full plate, a full slice, or even a fork or spoon.  Plus, this extra treat needed to be chilled.  So a cool dessert dip seemed like a great idea.

My husband’s favorite dessert is Tiramisu, with all its aromatic coffee elegance and richly satisfying creaminess.  Whether in a trifle, cake, or ladyfinger variety, he gleefully slides into taste bud heaven when he savors a well-made Tiramisu.  Our natural Super Simple kitchen challenge?  Creating a dip that eliminates the time and hassle of making traditional tiramisu, but delivers the cherished flavors.

Oh, yeah!!!  This beauty fills the bill perfectly… without filling the belly!  Enjoy our Thanksgiving gift to you at any time of the year!  It’s also perfect to serve at a brunch, using waffle or French toast strips as your dippers.

Super Simple Tiramisu Dip


Super Simple Tiramisu Dip

12 oz (1 ½ c) mascarpone cheese

12 oz (1 ½ c) ricotta cheese

¼ c Splenda brown sugar blend (or 1/3 – 1/2 c sugar)

¼ c brewed strong black coffee, cooled

1/3 Kahlúa or other coffee liquor

1-2 T Captain Morgan or other spiced rum

½ to 1 tsp cocoa powder

1/3 c grated special dark (72% cocoa) chocolate (try specialty types as with hazelnut toffee)


Whisk mascarpone in a large bowl just till smooth.

Stir in ricotta, brown sugar, coffee, and liquors, whisking till smooth & fluffy.

Spoon into shallow serving bowl; dust with cocoa powder.

Sprinkle chocolate over the top and chill, covered with plastic wrap, till serving time.

Serve with ripe strawberries, seedless orange slices and 2-3 types of light cookies for dipping.

Makes 3 to 3-1/2 c dip.

Kiss Note:  You can make this dip 1-2 days in advance & store, covered in plastic wrap, in its serving bowl in the refrigerator.

Kiss Tip:  For dessert tasting portions, place a ladyfinger in each of 8-10 small glass tasting cups and top with a spoonful of dip, leaving one end of each ladyfinger exposed.  Sprinkle with a bit of chocolate & serve.

Consider cookies varieties such as Girl Scout Thin Mints, cinnamon French pastry twists, ginger snaps or lemon cream-filled ginger sandwich cookies, shortbread cookies, or Pirouline type rolled wafer cookies filled with chocolate or chocolate hazelnut cream.

Super Simple Tiramisu Dip is one of the dozens of Super Simple recipes in Dockside Dining: Round One, one of several cookbooks available from Quiet Thunder Publishing.  Check them out on the website.  Dockside Dining: Round One and Dockside Dining: Round Two are both available from Barnes & Noble, and other sites.  Meanwhile, enjoy this Super Simple Tiramisu Dip… with love and laughter!


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