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Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family gets released in digital and paperback formats in just one week! This is a very personal story for me, as it continues telling the Armenian side of my family’s story. No worries if you have not read Book 1 in the Destiny trilogy. While Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear delivers some powerful background information as to how and why the family was fleeing from Armenia, Book 2 stands nicely on its own.

That said, I am honored to share some of the advance review comments. (I won’t bore you with the full reviews. Later I will likely post those on my GoodLiving123.com website for those true devotees.)

But, as a dedicated theatre actress, I nervously await reviews. Yes, positive reviews are preferred, but “snarls” are also welcomed… It’s only when “they” STOP talking that we’re in trouble. One of my quips has long been, “Love me or hate me, but you’re gonna know I hit town.”

“Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family”  Early Review Snippets

“This is a brilliant blend of both fiction and nonfiction storytelling. The author did an incredible job of relaying the experiences and powerful memories of her family, showcasing the struggles to make a place for themselves in the United States and the hurdles they had to overcome from a society that judged and looked upon them with suspicion and even at times hatred.

“The themes of immigration, family, and the pursuit of acceptance were felt so powerfully here in this narrative and made the story flow smoothly. The author’s emphasis on character growth and history and culture was brilliant to read.

“Captivating, inspiring, and hopeful, author Cathy Burnham Martin’s Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family is a must-read genre fiction meets biography nonfiction style narrative that you won’t be able to put down.”

— Anthony Avina, author, journalist, blogger

 (On Request Magazine)


“What another incredible story in Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family by Cathy Burnham Martin. Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family is a journey through time and ancestry, as the author shares her family’s memoirs, (and her own), and their love, and strength. The author dedicates this story to her mother, who dedicated her life to her family, faith, friends and community. It’s a very powerful story, and I am so honored to be able to read and share in this family’s memories. Take a step back, enjoy the story, as if the author is telling you her family’s tale. I am a definite fan of this author! Whatever this author writes, I read. This author brings the story to life. It’s one of those embraceable stories. It’s definitely un-put-downable! It is always an honor to read this author’s books. This author is a great storyteller. Masterfully written! This author not only tells the story but shows it with words as well. I will definitely add more of this author’s books to my bookshelf. Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.”

— Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews


“I did not think this trilogy’s book 2 could possibly top book 1’s tough material, which was intricately woven through a true family story. But I loved it! Martin beautifully puts a face on an often-forgotten slice of the human experience from Armenian immigrants’ perspective. Destiny of Determination is detailed, loving, and inspirational with plot twists that totally caught me off guard!”

— SD Carter, Goodreads & Library Thing


“I never expected this book to be this mind-blowing. I was astonished at how fascinating this book was. Unlike me, I took this book and made sure I finished it without a break. At some point, while reading, I discovered that true love is all about sacrifice. The Hrant story is a typical example. John and Aram defied all odds to make sure Hrant got a good life. I loved the title of this book because it tallied so much with the book’s contents. Life has its bad side. Most of the time, people give up. This book shows the need to always be hopeful and determined. This determination brings us to our dreams. This book has one of the best designs and organization. I loved how the author took the time to make this book so presentable and mind-blowing. The use of pictures and maps proves the authenticity of this book, which is necessary for historical fiction. I commend the author greatly for this amazing work.”

— White Edwin, Online Book Club


Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family is based on true events and is very emotional. The story begins with the present and went back to the beginning when everything started. The pace was fast, and the book was easy to read. I was intrigued from the beginning and could not put it down. I just kept turning the pages to find out what was going to happen. The characters were skillfully handled. I could feel the heartache of what happened and the joy of being together again. The story is exceptionally written, and Martin’s writing skills made me part of their life. At the back are delicious recipes that give a better insight into their culture.”

— Alma Boucher, Readers’ Favorite


Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family is Cathy Burnham Martin’s engrossing true account of her ancestors’ escape from the Armenian genocide and the rebuilding of their lives in America. This multigenerational family saga, told mostly via backstories and history, is full of joy, sorrow, and the miraculous, including a startling miracle at the book’s end.”

— Self-Publishing Review


“From a persecuted and reviled existence in their beloved Armenia, Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family, sees the survival of a fractured family as they struggle to make a new life for themselves in the United States. With a focus on Hrant, the youngest son, this uplifting memoir spans over a Century of love and loss, and of acceptance and discrimination. The family’s inspiring and entrepreneurial journey and their successful integration into the American way of life brings into sharp relief the plight, suffering and inner strength of refugees, along with the challenges a change in cultural surroundings may bring. With touching sensitivity, Cathy Burnham Martin describes their heart-stopping moments of separation, and their tenacity in holding on to their love, as Hrant confronts his family. This beautiful love story binds her story together, as does the family’s heart-warming support of one another. Burnham Martin’s compassionately written account of Hrant, whose early years had been filled with so much hatred, danger and upheaval but could still look at life with genuine hope, and speak in a consistently strong, but gentle voice to end ignorant and chauvinistic attitudes, is an inspirational testimony to the warm and forgiving nature of this gentle and peace-loving race. A thoughtfully written and historically fascinating memoir, it is highly recommended.”

                                                                               — Book Viral Reviews

     “Ancestral stories, as found in the Destiny series, are a brilliant way to honor our heritage while entertaining and educating others. In Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family, the author is meticulous about preserving historical clarity and quality, all while charting the admirable course of Hrant Gulumian and his progeny. Besides the rousing adventures of young Hrant, the author has included several touching family photographs, a character directory, a helpful timetable of relevant events, and a comprehensive list of additional resources to expand our knowledge of Armenian history and culture.

“Throughout all the ups and downs, whether victims of crime, intolerance or persecution, Hrant proves time and again that faith and perseverance are rewarded. A moving reminder of the challenges faced by immigrants of any nation and at any time, Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family is an impassioned continuation in this imitable family’s saga that is sure to touch your heart.”

— Indies Today


“Historical fiction readers who like tales of coming of age, survival, and revised destinies will find Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family a fine second book. While it’s recommended that the first book, Destiny of Dreams, be consulted before this continuing story, this is not required in order for newcomers to become immersed in the events that carry Hrant Gulumian and his family to a new life in America. Cathy Burnham Martin brings the past to life with rich descriptions that both continue her family’s true story and introduce fictional embellishments to capture the action and feelings of her characters.

“The introductory review of primary characters from Book 1 gives newcomers an easy opportunity to slide right into the lives and people in Book 2, while modern experiences contrast with family interactions and past memories through inviting dialogue and interpersonal relationships.

“Set in the 20th century, the events trace the impact and roots of bigotry and prejudice on multiple generations as their lives grow to embrace both family precedent and modern-day challenges. Complete with family recipes and reviews of better days and strong reactions to life’s adversity and promise, readers receive an immigrant experience that captures and contrasts the nature of immigrant family worlds.

“While highly recommended for historical novel readers, Destiny of Determination should also serve, along with its predecessor, as a starting point for book club and family discussions about Armenian history, family relationships, faith, and perseverance against the changing backdrop of American lives, prejudices, and ideals.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Destiny of Determination: Faith and Family by Cathy Burnham Martin tells the moving story of an Armenian family forced to flee their country, amid the Armenian genocide of 1915 at the hands of the Ottoman Turkish government, to find better lives in the United States. What follows is the unfolding of a family saga as they endure economic woes, with cultural and discrimination challenges in a new country. Destiny of Determination is based on the true story of the author’s Armenian roots, and it should serve as an inspiration to all of us. Driven by faith, determination, and a strong family bond, the Gulumian family withstood all the challenges they had to face. The author carefully chronicles the milestones in the lives of Hrant and Marjorie Gulumian in such a way that it feels like the narrator is directly speaking to the reader, and this makes the book an engaging read. From the horrors of the genocide to the new life in America, tradition clashes with modernity, family values are upheld, and the Gulumian family continues to thrive. Sadly, the theme of the book continues to be relevant today. Highly recommended!”

— Maria Victoria Beltran, Readers’ Favorite


“America was the land of promise for many refugees from the Great War (later known as World War I) and in this case, the Armenian ancestors of author Cathy Burnham Martin. Despite all the tragedy that the Gulumians had faced in Armenia, they hope for new beginnings in America. This book draws attention to an aspect of World War I that is not commonly taught in our history classes. Cathy Burnham Martin has a unique writing style that is easy to follow yet filled with so much emotion.”

— Delene Very, Readers’ Favorite

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