National Corn on the Cob Day

In most U.S. gardens, mid-June is too early for corn that comes fresh from our gardens. But all of us who love fresh corn tend to be anxious!!! At its freshest, the taste of just-picked sweet corn is tough to beat.


Boil it, steam it, roast it, or grill it. Of course, when it’s ready in the garden, one of my favorite approaches is to munch it raw, straight from the garden!


Top corn on the cob any way that pleases you… my favorite is plenty of butter and salt. But try whatever pleases you from seasoned salt, Parmesan cheese, garlic butter, or cayenne pepper to chili powder, lemon or lime juice or zest, or even bacon crumbles.

Of course, if you prefer something really jazzed up for your summer BBQ to serve along with tacos, chicken, or grilled steak, it’s tough to beat Mexican Street Corn.


Mexican Street Corn
This is Super Simple to make, especially because the topping can be prepared well ahead of time!

½ c Mexican crema (or sour cream as a substitute)
½ c mayonnaise
½ c chopped fresh cilantro
½ tsp minced garlic or garlic powder (adjust for your taste)
¼ tsp ground chipotle pepper (or more to suit your taste)
1 T finely grated fresh lime zest
2 T freshly squeezed lime juice
6-8 ears sweet corn, husks removed
½ c crumbled Cotija cheese (or grated Parm or crumbled Feta)
Lime wedges, as garnish

Whisk together the crema, mayo, cilantro, garlic, chipotle, zest & juice. Set aside till needed. To serve, place corn on grill that is preheated to 400°F for 3 minutes, till kernels start turning golden and look charred. Turn over & repeat. Remove to a platter, brushing each ear with crema mixture and sprinkling with cheese (and a bit more chipotle pepper, if so desired). Serve immediately with lime wedges.  (Serving Mexican Street Corn on a small wooden stick helps get the yumminess in your mouth and not on your hands.)

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