All Hands On Deck

Looking back at my photos taken for Granddaughter Ada’s 2nd birthday celebration on October 8th, I realize how many busy hands the celebration took. Everyone helped out. Adam and Caiti were constantly in motion, from last-minute touches for the special birthday cupcakes to prepping the chicken kebabs for the grill.

Even Birthday Girl, Ada, helped out…. I mean, someone had to test the new cornhole board.

And the 8 grandparents helped out, too.

From Melanie tending to Ada, plus Mel and Julian supplying the much-needed extra tables and chairs… to Joe and Odette, teaching Ada to ride the shiny new bicycle they’d brought her, and Odette skillfully creating the fancy pepperoni and salami roses for the meat & cheese platter.

Steve and Chris delighted everyone with his amazing smoked ribs and macaroni and cheese and her ease blowing up the balloons for the arch and helping Odette, Caiti, and Adam assemble Ada’s beautiful new dollhouse. Sir Ronald and I also helped with set up, decorating, and clean-up. So, it may “take a community,” but a big family can also help make light work of big projects. We all loved it!!! May we enjoy many more such loving family gatherings together. And next year, we will be adding Adaline’s brand new baby sister, Ayla to the festivities!!!! Multiple blessings!

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