This is National Crab Day (orrrrr National Crabmeat Day)

Cathy’s Crabcakes with Horseradish Drizzle

I love crabmeat… in the shells or out! Serve it up, and I’ll chomp it down!

A long-time favorite of mine is the Crab Cake. However, I prefer to make them without tons of breading or other fillers. Crab and veggies, please. Give it a go!

Cathy’s Crab Cakes
Enjoy these gems between favorite sandwich buns, on roasted corn, or atop a salad. This recipe will make 6-8 large cakes or many mini, tapas-sized portions. They are great on their own, as a brunch Benedict, an appetizer, or entrée item.

3 T butter
1 c finely chopped sweet onion
1/3 c finely chopped celery
¼ c each: chopped sweet red pepper & minced fresh parsley
1/3 – ½ c mayonnaise
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 T Dijon mustard
1 tsp each: Worcestershire sauce & lemon juice
1-2 T Old Bay seasoning
1-2 dashes Mike’s Red Hot or tabasco (or cayenne pepper), optional
6-8 Ritz crackers, crumbled (or ½ c panko)
1 lb lump crab meat, picked clean of shells
1 lb claw crab meat, picked clean of shells
Sauté onion and celery in butter over med heat for 2 min; cool. Stir in remaining ingredients, except for crab. Then gently fold in crabmeat to keep the chunks. Form into patties, 2/3” thick. Place in single layer on platter, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Just before serving time, brown in butter 3-5 min per side over medium heat. Serve warm.

Cathy’s Crab Cake Drizzle
In 2002, I started making this sauce to top the crab cakes or serve on the side with appetizer-sized cakes.
2 heaping T each: Dijon mustard & prepared horseradish
1 heaping T each: mayonnaise & minced ginger
2 T white wine
3 T lemon juice
Mix together in small bowl. Drizzle generously in a crisscross pattern over hot grilled, baked, sauteed, or broiled crab cakes. Garnish with a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper.

About Cathy Burnham Martin

Author of 20+ books, and counting! A professional voice-over artist, dedicated foodie, and lifelong corporate communications geek, Cathy Burnham Martin has enjoyed a highly eclectic career, ranging from the arts and journalism to finance, telecommunications, and publishing. Along with her husband, Ron Martin, she has passions for entertaining, gardening, volunteering, active and visual arts, GREAT food, and traveling. Cathy often says, "I believe that we all should live with as much contagious enthusiasm as possible... Whether we're with friends or family, taking people along for the ride is more than half the fun."
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